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Follow the Family

This is Eyrealm (explained below). You may know or follow some individual members of the family, but here is a little "map" of the interconnections of what each is doing to strengthen families. Click the dots to be directed to their websites, books, or social media.

Joshua Eyre

Manager of ValuesParenting.com

Tal Eyre

Forthcoming book: Applying the New Science of Positive Psychology to Marriage and Parenting
Orange Sky: Presentations on priorities (with Noah and Eli)

Noah Eyre

“Doing Good” on Instagram
Possible book on commitment

Jonah Eyre

Instagram: @jonaheyre
Potential book: Living Richly Without Being Rich

Shawni Eyre Pothier

71 Toes Blog

Charity Eyre Wright

Dripping With Passion Blog

Saydi Eyre Shumway

The Boston Shumways Blog
Though they each have their own careers, their own lives and their own families, all 11 members of Eyrealm (19 counting spouses) work together and in synergy on their collective cause of strengthening family life throughout the world.

The individual families within Eyrealm represent 10 separate and unique case studies in different life phases and provide various models on how to pursue and prioritize every-day life in proactive and “profamily” ways.

Through their blogs and books, their social media and seminars, and their websites and public speaking, each in their own way contributes to the Eyrealm vision statement of FORTIFYING FAMILIES by Celebrating Commitment, Popularizing Parenting, Bolstering Balance, and Validating Values.

Let’s Be Happy

Numerous studies show that happiness and fulfillment are directly tied to the strength of our family relationships. The Eyrealm goal is Greater Happiness through Better Families.

Our Story

When Richard and Linda Eyre were married 45 years ago, she had two words engraved into the inside of his wedding band.

The two words were “higher realm” which symbolized their goal to be in the world but not of the world—to be fully involved in politics and business and education and media, but to stay above the negative values that sometimes pervade these institutions. They shortened the “higher realm” to “Eyrealm,” which they saw as a name for their own family and a symbol of their commitment to the belief that everything, from individual happiness to societal prosperity, is dependent on the strength of our most basic institution—the family.

When the Eyres started their own family, they could have never imagined what that family would become or what an advocate of families they would be. Early in their marriage, Richard, a Harvard Business School-trained management consultant, and Linda, a musician and teacher, became concerned about their own "life-balance" and wrote an experimental book about prioritizing family and applying sound management principles to parenting. The book became a best seller and changed the direction of the Eyre's lives, prompting them to devote their careers and their energy to stronger marriages and better parenting. 50 books, 9 children, and 27 grandchildren later, the whole Eyrealm clan has become involved in the goal of prioritizing their own family and encouraging other families to do the same.

Meet the Spouses

Anita (Tal)

Jared (Saren)

Jeff (Saydi)

Ian (Charity)

Julie (Eli)

David (Shawni)

Kristi (Noah)

Aja (Jonah)

Ahhh, here Ian is...

Meet the Children

Because after all, aren't they the best part?

Join the Cause

As mentioned, the mission statement of Eyrealm is FORTIFY FAMILIES by celebrating commitment, popularizing parenting, validating values and bolstering balance (FFccppvvbb for short) and we invite all of you who care deeply about families to join that cause. You can join below by submitting your email to receive updates and ongoing ideas. For starters, here is a list of resources by category.

Recent Books

The Half-Diet Diet
The Half-Diet Diet is an accessible and universal weight-loss program. Rather than focusing on convoluted and challenging diets, Richard Eyre, bestselling author of Teaching Your Children Values and The Turning, provides a simple way to control your appetite. The weight-loss solution? Eat half. Too easy? No! But worthwhile. Richard provides the program to accomplish your weight-loss goals by taming your physical, mental, and spiritual appetites.
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Life in Full: Maximizing Your Longevity and Legacy
Eighty million Baby Boomers are now in or approaching their sixties. Creating a proactive plan for the next twenty years is both possible and practical, and Life in Full is the template!
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The Turning: Why the State of the Family Matters, and What the World Can Do About it
Richard and Linda Eyre examine the connections between the worlds mounting social problems and the breakdown of families. They look deeply at the root causes of family disintegration—the false paradigms that confuse the priorities of parents and influence the kind of policies and practices in larger institutions (from media to government) that threaten families both economically and emotionally.
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The Entitlement Trap: How to Rescue Your Child with a New Family System of Choosing, Earning, and Ownership
Anecdotal, time-tested, and gently humorous, The Entitlement Trap challenges some of the sacred cows of parenting and replaces them with values that will save kids (and their parents) from a lifetime of dependence and disabling debt.
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The Thankful Heart: How Deliberate Gratitude Can Change Every Texture of Our Lives
We all know that an attitude of gratitude helps each day be a little better. When times are difficult and challenges abound, having a thankful heart is the catalyst for the abundant life. The Thankful Heart, by #1 New York Times best-selling authors Richard and Linda Eyre, is a gift book filled with messages of gratitude and inspiring images for even the most difficult day.
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Motherhood Realized
Edited and Organized by Saren Eyre Loosli and April Perry

Motherhood Realized is the kind of book you can enjoy in three minutes or devour section by section when you've got more time. In its pages, you'll hear the voices of real mothers who know your life. Whenever you start to wonder if you're going to make it through this motherhood journey, you can open it up and remember that yes, you can.
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Deliberate Motherhood
Edited and Organized by Saren Eyre Loosli and April Perry

Deliberate Motherhood presents inspiring ideas, poignant stories, and practical applications to help mothers find great success and personal growth in the beautiful and challenging work of raising the next generation.
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Free Books

Click here for a comprehensive list of all 50 of Richard and Linda's books complete with free downloads of most.

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